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Clause compendium

[UPDATED 2012-06-22: I’ve not done any more work on this compen­dium; instead I’ve been focusing on the Common Draft digest of contract terms.]

A community library of annotated technology-contract clauses, in an easy-to-edit Word document. NOTE: The clauses formerly listed in the Clauses pages, along with their annotations, have been consolidated into the Compendium document, which you can download immediately below.

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) test document 2010-03-25:

  • Short-form starter draft in Microsoft Word format; no annotations (Download)
  • Excerpts from long-form compendium; extensively annotated (Download)

DOWNLOAD CURRENT VERSION: BAILEY (released 2009-11-12). See also the Drafter’s guide for editing tips and other suggestions.

Creative Commons license

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise indicated, this site’s contract clauses and commentary are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike 3.0 United States License — see the license page for details. [Use in actual contracts is exempt from the noncommercial and share-alike license restrictions.]

Revision history

Version BAILEY, released 2009-11-12:

  • The commentary has been re-edited into Word comments, because user feedback indicated that: 1) users are more accustomed to Word comments, although some preferred in-line commentary; and 2) in doing word processing chores, deleting all Word comments is a more-familiar task to users than trying to delete all text formatted in a particular style.
  • Multi-option clauses have, by and large, been separated into distinct clauses, for easier review and editing.
  • A number of new clauses have been added, others have been edited.
  • Each clause has been given a unique identifier in fine print — later on this should help with automating part of initial contract review.

Version BADEN, released 2009-10-19: This was a major reorganization to make the Word document easier to edit in drafting a contract. The main formatting change was to shift from an alphabetical arrangement of sections into a topic-oriented arrangement.

Versions ABIGAIL through ADRIAN: In these versions —

  • The clause sections were arranged alphabetically, not topically
  • Comments were “in-line,” immediately following the corresponding clauses.

Version naming

Instead of version numbers, I’m using names, like hurricanes. All versions are Word 2007 documents except as otherwise indicated. See below for superseded versions.

Download prior versions

Prior versions had commentary in-line with the text, which made it more difficult for users to delete the commentary automatically (unless they are experts in Microsoft Word 2007).


See also the following test documents, created with version ABIGAIL:

What TATE stands for

TATE™ stands for Technology Agreement Template Endeavor — OK, I confess, I chose those words so the acronym would fit how my last name is pronounced (that was my wife’s suggestion).

Suggestions and comments are welcome

Please use the comment box below to make suggestions for improvements, new clauses / sections, etc.

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