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Drafter’s Guide for TATE Compendium

Symbols used

In the TATE Compendium community contract library, starting with version BAILEY:

  • <Angle brackets> indicate variable text that can be changed as needed: The variable text might consist of names, amounts, optional phrases, etc., that a drafter might want to edit to fit the situation.
  • Daggers are alerts to indicate that some drafters might view the associated clauses (i) as entailing potentially-troublesome business- or legal commitments, or (ii) as otherwise inappropriate for their particular situations. NOTE: NOT ALL SUCH CLAUSES are necessarily so marked.
  • Alternative text is included in some of the comments.

Viewing the annotations and commentary

An easy way to view the commentary and annotations (in Word 2007) is:

1. Click on the “Review” tab in the Word ribbon bar. Then click on the lower half of the “Track Changes” tab and then “Change Tracking Options” to bring up the dialog box shown in Step 2 below

2. In the dialog box that comes up, (A) turn on Balloons for comments and (B) set the bubble width to 3 inches.

Clean-up: Deleting the angle brackets, daggers, and annotations

To remove angle brackets, do a global search-and-replace to replace them with nothing. (Your admin knows how to do this if you don’t.)

Then repeat the search-and-replace to remove daggers.

To delete all Word comments, click on the tiny down-arrow in the “Delete” tab in the “Comments” section of the ribbon.