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Instruction page now has screen shots

Pure-text help pages are pretty boring. So this evening I used Wink, an open-source screencasting program, to capture a quick series of screen shots.  Still in Wink, I added some call-outs and circled highlights. Then I used the Wink “Export” feature to save the project as an HTML with JPG images. 

Finally, I added the images to the Instructions page. You can see it via the menu near the top of this page.  The screen shots make for a much nicer help page than just plain text.

I plan to do a video demo too. I won’t be using Wink, because its audio codec is awful. The narration sounds great in Wink, but then when rendered into a complete Flash file it sounds terrible.  I’ve been playing with Camtasia, which seems to be the leading package, albeit a bit pricey.

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