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News: The Tina Stark Award for Excellence in Teaching Transactional Law and Skills

Emory University has named an award for excellence in teaching transactional law and skills after Tina Stark. From the press release:

Tina L. Stark, the founding director of Emory Law’s Center for Transactional Law and Practice and the author of the ground­breaking textbook “Drafting Contracts:  How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do,” has worked tirelessly to assure that law students have the opportunity to graduate as practice-ready transactional attorneys.

Through her enthusiasm and perseverance, and with considerable grace and vision, she has nurtured the efforts of transactional law and skills educators the world over.

(Extra paragraphing added.)

Tina is a friend and mentor; it’s a richly-deserved honor.

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  • Joshua Campbell 2016-07-03, 19:42

    We studied from Ms. Stark’s book in my Contracts Drafting course in law school and I still refer to it to this day in my work. Excellent teacher and well deserved award.

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