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PRECUT free, balanced, curated technology contracts

Goal: Get to signature faster

You may well have had to endure the delights of negotiating a technology contract. The lawyers email ‘redlined’ drafts to each other. Maybe a conference call takes place. Who knows how much time passes before the contract gets signed and the parties can finally get on with their business.

More than once, a client has asked me whether there was any kind of ‘standard’ contract that the parties could just sign. The answer has almost always been no.

I don’t think it has to be that way. I’m drafting the PRECUT™ contract forms with the intent of striking a reasonable balance between the parties’ interests. While no contract form can be one-size-fits-all, for very many situations a PRECUT contract form should be “ready to sign.”

A PRECUT contract form can be customized with a deal-specific addendum. Many optional clauses can be found in the Curator’s Notes for each contract form (along with extensive clause-by-clause commentary).

Contract forms available for download

  • Nondisclosure agreement and accompanying Curator’s Notes
  • Coming soon: A services agreement and a reseller agreement
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“How do I know a PRECUT contract form is right for me?”

Ask your lawyer — show her a PRECUT contract form and its Curator’s Notebook (assuming you’re not a lawyer yourself). I think she’ll appreciate the time and money she can save clients by using it. My biographical information might also give you an idea whether I know what I’m talking about.

(For more concerns and responses to them, see the “Preface” section of your contract’s Curator’s Notes.)

Comments and suggestions are welcome

Please email nonconfidential comments, suggestions, etc., to me at dc ahtt toedt dahtt cahm. (I won’t spam you.) I will try, but can’t guar­an­tee, to attribute any suggestion that I use to the person(s) who sub­mit­ted it unless a given submitter tells me s/he wants to remain anonymous.