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PRECUT NDA: A free, balanced, multi-purpose, nondisclosure agreement (replaced by Tango NDA Protocol)

UPDATE 2020-10-30: The original Precut NDA is slightly outdated because of intervening changes in U.S. law (Congress’s enactment of the Defend Trade Secrets Act). I’ve replaced the Precut NDA with a new document, the Tango NDA Protocol, designed to be agreed to by simply exchanging emails with the Protocol as an attachment. 

Take a look at the Confidential Information chapter of the Common Draft annotated compendium that I’m working on.



The PRECUT ™ Nondisclosure Agreement is a free, balanced, multi-purpose, customizable NDA, in the form of a fill-in PDF.

While of course no contract form can be one-size-fits-all, for many purposes the PRECUT NDA should be pretty much ready to sign as-is.

The Curator’s Notes contain extensive commentary, as well as many additional clauses that can be used to create a custom addendum.

Ask your lawyer whether you could save time and money by using the PRECUT NDA as the foundation for your next nondisclosure agreement.

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of ready-to-sign contract forms available under a Creative Commons license.

Comments and other feedback are welcome, especially suggestions for other types of contract that you’d like to see developed.

[ADDED 2011-04-02] Please take a look at my e-book for the Kindle or in PDF, “Signing a Business Contract? A Quick Checklist for Greater Peace of Mind,” with pointers to help you avoid inadvertently giving away the store or even landing in jail.

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