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  • To get professionals to change their behavior, ask them if they’d want the new behavior for themselves – Atul Gawande’s ‘Checklist’ For Surgery Success : NPR
    '… when [Gawande's] team surveyed the doctors who used the [pre-surgery] checklist, "There was about 80 percent who thought that this was something they wanted to continue to use. But 20 percent remained strongly against it. They said, 'This is a waste of my time, I don't think it makes any difference.' And then we asked them, 'If you were to have an operation, would you want the checklist?' Ninety-four percent wanted the checklist." '
  • Force majeure definitions often excuse the lack of a backup plan | licensinghandbook.com
    "But we’ve gotten lax in contract drafting in the US and folks have assumed that force majeure clauses (those that allow a party to not perform as a result of one of these types of events) were continually written with actual unavoidable events listed. In fact, almost every force majeure clause I now see contains at least one, if not more, of the following things as force majeure events: … [W]hen you strike these items out of the force majure [sic] event clause, you’re going to get push back because people don’t want to be responsible for planning in all eventualities. You’re not asking them to do it. Rather, you’re asking that contract performance not be hindered or halted as a result of things that are capable of having a backup plan."

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