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  • Lack of reasonable protective measures costs trade secret status : EBG Trade Secrets and Noncompete Blog
    … the parties' trade secret dispute centered on the alleged misappropriation of confidential and sensitive documents that were left in an unmarked cardboard box for at least a week in the backseat of a company-owned car to which various company employees had access. The documents were not marked "confidential," and the keys to the vehicle were either kept "on a peg" or in the front of an office where they were widely accessible. Even though there was no evidence that anyone other than the defendant accessed the vehicle or the documents without authorization, "[t]he documents were left vulnerable to whomever chose to enter or to drive the vehicle."
  • When a purchaser uses "killer" terms in a purchase order – Adams Drafting
    Ken Adams posts a query from a reader whose company's legal department wants to adopt ball-buster general terms for its standalone purchase orders – which could well delay the company's purchases if vendors object to them.

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