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State law peculiarities – things to keep in mind in negotiating a choice-of-law clause

It occurred to me that it’d be great to have a state-by-state crib sheet or ‘gouge’ of useful things to know when negotiating a choice-of-law clause. I couldn’t find anything like that either Google or Bing. So I’ve started a set of such crib sheets, and will attempt to update it as I run across noteworthy points.

Reader suggestions for revisions and new material are welcome, either in the comments below or using the submission form; I anticipate crediting each submission to the first person to submit it unless s/he tells me otherwise.

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  • Jeff G 2009-07-09, 19:33

    Here’s one to get you started: North Carolina (and a few others) have bomb-shelter statutes that specifically prevent the application of UCITA laws.

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