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Shout-out for ICDSoft.com, a super-responsive Web hosting service

This is an opportune time to post an attaboy about the Web hosting service I use for this site, ICDSoft.com.

Last night my blog posts and pages started vanishing one by one. Finally, nothing was showing up at all. This was strange, because normally I never even have to think about the hosting service; it just works.

I did some Google searching, which indicated that the problem was likely a MySQL database crash. I posted a trouble ticket. Six minutes later, the problem was fixed. The tech support rep also explained how I could fix the problem myself if it ever occurred again.

I don’t know much about ICDSoft; they apparently have operations in the U.S., Hong Kong, and Germany, but their WHOIS data indicates they’re headquartered in Bulgaria. I’ve been using them for maybe four years now; on the rare occasions that I’ve had problems or questions, their customer support has always been splendid.

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