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Webinar: Getting a Workable Contract to Signature Sooner — Licensing Executives Society, July 8

On July 8 I’ll be doing a 90-minute Webinar on “Getting a Workable Contract to Signature Sooner” for the Licensing Executives Society USA/Canada (the U.S. branch of a global non-profit), with co-presenter Dr. Susan Stoddard of Mayo Clinic Ventures. It’s for LES members only, and free for them.

This will be a reprise of a Webinar I did, to good user reviews, for the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management.

The IACCM Webinar was itself a shortened version of a three-hour workshop that Dr. Andrea Belz and I put on for the LES spring meeting in La Jolla.

Dr. Stoddard and I will be reprising the three-hour workshop at the LES annual meeting in New York City.

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