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New TATE Compendium version posted – easier editing of the Microsoft Word document

This afternoon I posted version BAILEY, an easier-to-edit revision of the TATE Compendium community library of annotated technology contract clauses — a great framework for creating a starter draft of an actual contract — along with a Drafter’s Guide.

  • I re-edited the commentary into Microsoft Word comments. The user feedback I was getting indicated that: 1) many users (but not all) preferred Word comments over in-line commentary. In large part, this was because, when using the Compendium as a starter draft, it’s easier to mass-delete all the Word comments with a couple of mouse clicks than to individually delete each in-line annotation.
  • To make it easier to scan the document, I moved a number of subclauses into their own separate clauses for greater visibility.
  • This version contains a number of new clauses, while others have been edited.
  • Each clause now has a unique identifier in fine print — later on this should help with automating part of initial contract review.
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