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Slides for my IACCM “Ask the Expert” Webinar on intellectual property basics this morning

Here are the slides (in PDF format) for the Webinar I’ll be doing at 14:30 UTC (8:30 a.m. Houston time) this morning on “Intellectual property basics for contract professionals,” for the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management.

Revised slide deck (with copyright-term slides included)

I’ve been an IACCM member for a while now; the cost is very reasonable and the benefits are significant.

IACCM home page

Sign-up page for the Webinar (IACCM members only)

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  • Cameron Renwick 2012-03-01, 10:14

    Hi D.C.,

    I was on your IACCM IP webinar this morning, I found it very informative, thankyou.

    I was just on your website to look at the presentation slides and the section on Copyright duration and the Walt Disney case in particular. However, this section is not included in your slide link on the web page. Would you be able to provide these slides?

    Many Thanks,

    Cameron Renwick
    Senior Contracts Officer
    Thales Avionics

    • D. C. Toedt 2012-03-01, 13:26

      Thanks Cameron — fixed, with a revised slide deck in the main posting.

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