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Updates to PRECUT NDA posted

I just finished uploading some minor revisions to the PRECUT Nondisclosure Agreement. It was a little bit of a pain, because I had to update four different Microsoft Word documents (three of which are posted only as PDFs) to make sure they stayed in sync:

  • The PRECUT NDA itself;
  • The Curator’s Notes, which contains the commentary as well as additional clauses for possible use in a custom addendum;
  • The Confidentiality Provisions addendum, which is designed to be attached to another agreement; and
  • The Word document containing just the clauses in the NDA and Curator’s Notes, for easy editing into a custom stand-alone agreement.

I’ve tried various ways of maintaining a single “master” version of each clause and its commentary, but nothing worked out too well. If I were really technical, I could probably hack together some kind of database that output to RTF and PDF files; maybe someday.

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